2021 planting calendar Cedaredge Colorado

Community Supported Agriculture | CSA Offerings for the North Fork Valley in Colorado

It would be nice if there was an “UberEats” for fresh foods, and healthy nutritious foods were available at a truck stop, or a gas station. Welp, that is our goal with healing food deserts around the earth. Lot’s of talk about the growing of food in outer space, because it would be very interesting…

Automated Enclosed Garden Prototype

Enclosed Automated Garden Prototype

Building an Enclosed Automated Garden has been a goal for many years as a solution for combating insects and harsh climate environments. NASA has been doing research and studies on this type of gardening for years so that they could grow food for astronauts in space. “As NASA prepares the Space Launch System rocket and…

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The Next Generation of Automated Greenhousing

By collecting and aggregating the automated garden’s data, a grow recipe can be tweaked and shared with a community. A grow recipe incorporates the variables required to grow a specific plant. Some of the variables that would be included: nutrients/amendments which are used light cycles environmental temperatures root zone temperatures water temperatures humidity