Automated Enclosed Garden Prototype

Enclosed Automated Garden Prototype

Building an Enclosed Automated Garden has been a goal for many years as a solution for combating insects and harsh climate environments. NASA has been doing research and studies on this type of gardening for years so that they could grow food for astronauts in space. “As NASA prepares the Space Launch System rocket and…

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situation report We have selected a Hydroponic Farm in South East Austin for our area of operation. This location is an excellent environment for growing the seeds needed to continue proper research, develop different solutions for remote system operations and a perfect fit for an office for future production. Staff needed to continue project (as…

Open Garden | Indoor Node


sensors & actuators Automating existing gardens with existing sensors and monitors like Open Garden, Ponos X and customizing “retro-fits” built by We Grow Live. Developing a library of sensors, lighting, etc… provides options that are adaptable to any scenario. Similar to a recipe, components can be prescribed depending on the type of plant or plants…

40 ft HighCube

The Build

scalability & infrastructure The system’s scalability is key in providing personal as well as commercial applications for automated gardening. Building a customized set of different sized gardens for home and commercial use: Window Herb Garden Backyard Greenhouse 20’ Shipping Container 40’ Shipping Container Commercial Nursery