automated greenhouse technology

workflow predicts whole plant and individual organ growth data Input
workflow predicts whole plant and individual organ growth data Input

Being able to predict future growth with Tradeoff Analytics – “Trade-offs, by which we mean exchanges that occur as compromises, are ubiquitous when land is managed with multiple goals in mind. Trade-offs may become particularly acute when resources are constrained and when the goals of different stakeholders conflict (Giller et al. 2008).

In agriculture, trade-offs between output indicators may arise at all hierarchical levels,

  • from the crop (such as grain vs. crop residue production),
  • the animal (milk vs. meat production),
  • the field (grain production vs. nitrate leaching and water quality),
  • the farm (production of one crop vs. another),
  • to the landscape and above (agricultural production vs. land for nature).
    An individual farmer may face trade-offs between maximizing production in the short term and ensuring sustainable production in the long term. Within landscapes, trade-offs may arise between different individuals for competing uses of land…

Understanding the system dynamics that produce and change the nature of the trade-offs is central to achieving a sustainable and food secure future.” –Measurement Methods for environment–productivity trade-off analysis in agricultural systems
M.T. van Wijk3, h.J. Klapwijk1,2*, Todd S. Rosenstock4, Piet J.A. van Asten2, Philip K. Thornton5 and Ken E. Giller1